Envirotex is a 2 part epoxy that is odorless and when it  dries it is clear.
Using this product you will have water on your layout that is almost
indestructible. What makes Envirotex so good is you have about 10 hours  
of working time where you can place items in your water or create waves.
Envirotex will be completely curred in about 48 hours.
ENV8   $16.25
Covers approx. 2 sq.ft.
ENV16   $27.00
Covers approx. 4 sq.ft.
Larger sizes are available please contact us for price and
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Scenery Coloring
Our staining kit comes with  the 3 basic earth tone colors, applicating
sponges and directions. For the best results mix each color in a   
separate jar about 10 - 15 parts water to 1 part paint so you have a lite
wash. Dip one of the applicating sponges into your wash and dab it on
your rock castings
SK1   $8.50
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Water and Scenery Coloring