Welcome to the exciting world of realistic model railroad scenery. Using our
latex rubber molds and Hydrocal tunnel portals and retainind walls model
railroad scenery  is made possible and easy to accomplish.  We are
dedicated to the principle that all model railroaders, no matter what age or
artistic ability, should be able to have realistic scenery on their layout.  After
all if you don't have some scenery on your layout you might get bored
watching your trains running on bare plywood.

All of our rock molds and castings are made by us with special care given to
quality, as our family has over 50 years of model railroad experience.

All of our rock molds are made from 100% latex rubber, which makes them
thin and extremely flexible.  This enables them to be used without any mold
release and also enables them to be molded to whatever contour your layout
has (even around corners).

Our castings are made from Hydrocal.  This makes them about 3 times
stronger than plaster castings.

Using Howard's Hobby molds and castings you can create those wonderful
scenes that are seen in your favorite railroad magazine.

Along with our rock molds and castings we also specialize in model railroad
custom painting, model building and railroad photos.

The first four pictures to the right are of a module showing the use of our
rock molds and water that is made with Envirotex. Most of the work on this
module was done by our 6 year old daughter Megan. The fifth picture is on
our layout showing one of our tunnel portals, our rock molds, Envirotex and
one of our custom painted Housatonic Railroad HO GP9 engines.
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